Nissan Warrior Versus Ram TRX: Photo Gallery


In the battle for off-road, high-performance supremacy, it looks like the new 2017 has the space pretty much to itself. But let's not forget that both Ram and Nissan recently showed impressive pickup truck concepts that could shake up the off-road segment. We think both should get made, forcing Ford and possibly GM to up their game a bit.

Are there really that many people who need to navigate open desert sand washes at high speed? No, but just knowing that engineering teams are capable of creating a quality, low-volume, multidimensional sports truck could give many potential new-truck buyers the confidence they need to purchase a lower-trim-level pickup from either brand.

Nissan showed the Titan Warrior at the and the Ram Rebel TRX was shown at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. Wouldn't it be something to see these things on a muddy, dirty racetrack at the same time? For now, all we can do is give you some photos in the gallery below.

On a related note, we've completed our 2017 Monster Factory Off-Road Challenge, which pitted six 4×4 pickups against each other in a battery of track and off-road tests. Look for the full package of stories near the end of January with more details in the weeks to come. Warrior photos by Evan Sears; Rebel TRX photos by Angela Connors





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