No Surprise: 2008 Hyundai Tiburon the Last


With the all-new Hyundai Genesis coupe coming down the pipeline in 2009 as a 2010 model, the current Hyundai coupe, the Tiburon, will cease to exist. This isn’t really a shock, since there’s not enough room in the line-up for two coupes. The 2008 model year will be the Tiburon’s last, and it will stop production as the Genesis goes on sale in the spring of 2009, according to the Automotive News.

However, company executives aren’t calling the Genesis coupe a replacement for the Tiburon. There is a chance that a smaller front-wheel-drive two-door coupe could be sold right next to the larger, rear-wheel drive Genesis coupe.

We can’t say we’ll miss the Tiburon — its time has come. During the first quarter of 2008 its sales were down 28.7%.

What do you think? Should Hyundai produce a small coupe like the Veloster concept we saw in Los Angeles last year? That’s the one the company is hinting at. Or do you think it should stick to the Genesis coupe as its sole sporty car?

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