Oklahoma to Get Natural Gas-Powered Honda Civic

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When I first tested the Honda Civic GX and its nearly seamless driving experience, I wondered why it was sold only in California and New York; Utah was added later. Honda sold pretty much each one it made, too.
The reasoning was all about infrastructure, and that’s why Oklahoma has just been added to the company’s retail network for the Civic GX.
Because of the vehicle’s past sales success, we recommend getting on a wait list now at one of the 13 Honda dealers in Oklahoma if you’re interested in buying a Civic GX for personal use. It previously was sold to commercial fleets in Oklahoma. You fill it up at a natural gas station, which are typically in industrial areas, or at a home filling station. Honda says Oklahoma is the second leading state in natural gas production and offers incentives for Civic GX buyers. The GX gets the equivalent of 24/36 mpg city/highway and starts at $25,340.

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