On Yoga Day, 5 Cars to Pair With Your Poses


CARS.COM — If the start of summer has you all out of sorts, we’re here to help. You need something relaxing. Something to get your mind right. Something like, well, today: the International Day of Yoga.

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We at are, admittedly, more used to body contortions on ingress and egress than we are at the yoga studio, but it got us thinking about vehicles that’d go well with a quick Bikram session. Not sure where to start on either? No problem. If you’re doing yoga with us, here’s how you’re bending — and what you’re driving.

Lion Pose — Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The lion pose is all about loosening the muscles in your face and getting rid of the tension in your chest by roaring, a silly exercise to start off a session. We’d say that reminds us of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, but the lion pose means really stretching your mouth open to get all that air in for the roar — something with which the air grabber of the Demon is 35 percent more familiar. And unlike other poses, the lion needs no partner — just as the Demon needs no passengers.

Cat Pose — Jaguar F-Pace

For something more serious, this is one of those core poses intended to help the torso and neck, and it’s hard to think of a better pairing than Jaguar’s first SUV: Featuring smooth gearing, a responsive accelerator and automatic transmission, a controlled ride and limited body roll, the F-Pace goes easy on you as an occupant. And as for the spine and stomach massage that comes as a byproduct of the cat pose, an available 380-horsepower, supercharged V-6 ought to match the grumble you’re going for.

Mountain Pose — Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

The mountain pose can help improve balance and posture as well as reduce flat feet. That’s a perfect pairing with Chevrolet’s latest mid-size pickup truck, a Ford F-150 Raptor-challenging mountain climber ideal for off-road trails and backwoods exploration thanks to its spool-valve shock absorbers, transfer case and smooth steering feel.

Corpse Pose — Lexus CT 200h

Because it’s a pose of total, er, repose, the corpse is a real challenge. The lifespan of the CT 200h was a lot like that, too: Introduced in 2009, the hybrid hatchback never really picked up in sales despite a lack of direct competition. As good as dead in a country that doesn’t love hatchbacks to begin with, Lexus bid “namaste” for good to the CT 200h in March.

Life Force Seal — Chrysler Pacifica

Because nothing screams “life force” like a minivan full of family, this session-closing mudra (a fancy term for hand gesture) pairs well with our Best of 2017 winner and is a seal designed to provide an energy-boosting pick-me-up — a description it’s no stretch to say applies to the Pacifica, too. We would know: We tested it.

Editor’s note: This story was updated June 21, 2017, to reflect that the Chrysler Pacifica was our Best of 2017 winner.

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