Oshkosh Duramax-Powered Vehicle Will Replace Army Humvee


Oshkosh Defense LLC was recently awarded the U.S. Army's contract to replace the aging Humvee troop and payload carriers with a light tactical vehicle that will include the current-generation 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel and Allison 1000 transmission — the same powertrain combination that sits inside the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 full-size pickup trucks.

According to Automotive News, the exact powertrain specifications for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle have not been released, but the government has made its final decision. The Oshkosh heavy-duty truck beat both Lockheed Martin and AM General to win the contract.

No doubt the military will be using a down-rated version of the GM engine, which makes 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque with the medium-duty-rated six-speed Allison 1000 transmission.

For your viewing pleasure, we've included videos of all contenders for this Army contract.

Manufacturer image


Oshkosh Defense LLC


Lockheed Martin


AM General



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