Our Nissan Leaf Gets a House Call

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The Leaf service was prompted by a notice we received from Nissan citing a “diagnostic programming error” on some Leafs that triggers a false warning about the air-conditioning system. In these cases, the cars sometimes failed to restart after being turned off. We experienced no such problem, but we also haven’t had the luxury of requiring air conditioning since we bought the car.

Perhaps more important than the air-conditioning fix is a software update intended to help the onboard computer more accurately predict range. As we reported in our winter wrapup, our car has been wildly erratic.

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It took about 50 minutes, as promised, and our Leaf is now ready for summer and, we hope, more accurate range predictions. We’ll report on Twitter at @CarsComGreen as soon as we see results.

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Photo of Joe Wiesenfelder
Former Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder, a launch veteran, led the car evaluation effort. He owns a 1984 Mercedes 300D and a 2002 Mazda Miata SE. Email Joe Wiesenfelder

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