Photo Gallery: Production-Ready Lexus LC 500 Spied at Local Car Show

17Lexus_LC_500_CarShow_MA_01.jpg 2017 Lexus LC 500 | photo by Matt Avery

CARS.COM — Lexus’ drop-dead gorgeous 2017 LC 500 popped up at a car show in our backyard, showcasing what the sexy coupe looks like in production trim. The last time we saw a non-camouflaged version was at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, where the car debuted to serious fanfare from our editors and was unanimously declared a winner.

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The LC 500 we caught in the wild is part of a Lexus grassroots program to create anticipation for the new coupe before it goes on sale in early 2017, according to a Toyota/Lexus spokesman. The very early production model appeared at a Supercar Saturdays show in South Barrington, Ill., a car show organized by local enthusiasts and sponsored by area dealerships and business.

To refresh your memory — because it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the LC — the coupe is a production version of the LF-LC concept car and has retained a lot of its shape from concept to reality. The rear-wheel-drive coupe is powered by a 467-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-8 making 389 pounds-feet of torque; it pairs to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The LC 500 is a flagship vehicle for Lexus, showcasing the high-end of the luxury spectrum in Lexus’ lineup.

This LC 500 looks to have grown a rear spoiler, compared with the sleek tail of the version we saw in Detroit, along with some minor changes in trim around the roofline and a more road-friendly ride height. Overall, however, the car we drooled over on the auto show floor seems to have made it to the street without too many changes.


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