Pickup Truck Conversions Lift Regency's Business


If you plan on using your income tax refund to buy a new full-size pickup truck, you'll probably discover what many buyers already have — there isn't that much variety. The manufacturers typically offer some variation on the three standard models: "good, better and best."

But if you want a truck that comes standard with a lift kit, a custom grill guard, fender flares, a tuned exhaust, sport suspension, side steps and off-road wheels and tires, you'll have to take your new pickup to a truck accessory retailer to have the various components installed individually. And unless you have an excellent installer, some of the new gear may not fit well.

But Regency Conversions, based in Fort Worth, Texas, now offers six distinct full-size pickups with all the goodies. If the name Regency sounds familiar, it should. The named graced the flanks and backsides of one of the most popular conversion vans of the 1980s and '90s, but after selling the company in the mid-2000s to retire, Regency President Wayne Davis realized that pickup truck conversions and modifications could be the next big thing.

"Since the Regency name had been sold at that point, we secured a license to build special-edition Chevrolet and GMC trucks in 2009 using the Tuscany name," Davis said. "So we operate that side of the business as Tuscany Automotive. We reacquired the Regency brand in 2014." That side of the business is set up to do Ford and Ram trucks.

"We find that everyone who buys a new vehicle wants something just a little bit different than the standard models and equipment packages that come from the factory. So that's where we come in. We provide distinctive suspension and appearance packages that take trucks to the next level in terms of both looks and presentation — inside and out," Davis said. Some of the company's most popular models bear names like Black Ops, Baja, Recon, Badlander and Moab, a newly released model.

The Baja is the entry-level model, the Badlander is the midlevel offering, and the Recon is the highest trim model; the remaining models are designed for specific types of buyers — the Moab and Black Ops trucks are true off-roaders, with the latter exhibiting a slight "military" bent. The Concept One is crafted for luxury buyers.



Not surprisingly, the Black Ops model is the most popular option package the company offers. The company starts the conversion process underneath, and typically replaces factory suspension parts with the following:

  • A Pro Comp 4- or 6-inch lift kit
  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires
  • Heavy-duty shocks
  • 20-inch Black Ops wheels
  • Custom brake caliper covers
  • Powder-coated black step bars
  • Stainless-steel exhaust tips
  • Various exterior upgrades

Once these installations are complete, the company performs a front-end alignment and installs a Hypertech speedometer chip to recalibrate the odometer to compensate for the larger tires.

Additional changes to the exterior include color-keyed fender flares, billet grille inserts, powder-coated front and rear bumpers, a black "active" hood scoop and factory logos, a rear-bumper trim kit and tinted windows.

Changes to the interior include the removal of factory chrome and trim, which is replaced with carbon-fiber pieces plus custom seats with "Black Ops" patches embroidered into the headrests.

Similar types of upgrades are included on the five other models as well. All models are available with a choice of suspension lifts, depending on state laws governing the ride height of street legal trucks, said sales manager Nick Carter.

Prices for the four models at the retail level are set by individual dealerships and range from roughly $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the number of options included in the package. Packages typically add anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 to the base price of the truck.

Carter explained that the company currently works with dealerships in 30 states. Given Regency's Texas base, Carter noted that about 75 percent of the models produced each month are sold in a five-state region that includes Texas and the bordering states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

For more information about the content of various packages or the names of Tuscany/Regency-affiliated dealers in your area, call Carter at 800-839-7551. Those interested may also visit the company's two websites, and, for more information.

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