Poll Says Bankruptcy Won't Dissuade Shoppers


A USA Today/Gallup Poll found that 82% said they would consider a Detroit-brand car. Of those, 67% said they’d consider buying a car from a bankrupt automaker.

The numbers seem to support the view that Detroit automakers would be better off filing for bankruptcy rather than getting government aid. That is, of course, contrary to the Big Three automakers and others’ belief that bankruptcy would lead to a total collapse in sales.

However, we found a few issues with the poll. It surveyed 1,008 adults over the weekend and found that 61% favored government aid for the automakers. That is considerably higher than any past surveys done on the topic, and it could make that bankruptcy number elevated as well.

And then there’s also the reality between what people “consider” and what they “buy.”

“People will say they will consider a lot of things, but when it gets right down to actually putting their money on the line … it narrows pretty significantly,” says Jack Nerad of   

Bankruptcy wouldn’t stop shoppers from buying U.S. cars

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