Porsche's New Exclusive Pair

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We realize not everyone out there can afford a new Porsche — including us — but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them just the same. But for those out there who are in the Porsche club, now there are two more reasons to finally pull the trigger on a new Cayman S or Boxster.

There are 777 people out there — only 250 in North America — who will be able to own an exclusive new Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1. What is that? Basically a custom version of the regular Cayman S with special black exterior paint, black matte stripes, black leather and alcantara interior, and other black touches along with 911 Turbo-inspired wheels. If you like black this is the Cayman S for you, at $69,900. That’s an $11,000 premium over a standard Cayman S, but a metallic paint job for the Cayman S is a $3,000-plus option. Did we mention the custom briefcase that comes with the Design Edition 1? We guess having your co-workers envious of your Porsche at a meeting is important.

If black is just too subtle for you, there’s the bright-orange limited edition Boxster and Boxster S.

You can get one of 500 Boxster S limited editions for $59,900 starting Sept. 28. Besides the 911 GT3-inspired paint scheme you also get black alloy wheels, a sport exhaust system and lots of modified body trim. This is a mere $4,400 more than a base Boxster S. If you just want the show and don’t need the go, a standard Boxster version will be available later this year.

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