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Price Your Car Right

CARS.COM — The key to selling your car is pricing it wisely. A common problem among private-party sellers is overpricing. Avoid that mistake by doing some initial research:

  • Determine your car’s value with the vehicle valuation pricing tool. The “Private Party Value” will be the most accurate for pricing your vehicle.
  • Provide an honest evaluation of your car’s condition to get a true idea of its worth. Remember: A potential buyer will tend to be more critical of the car’s condition.
  • Search used-car listings to see how similar models are priced in your area.
  • Research dealer pricing, but don’t expect to get the same amount in your sale. Dealer sales provide some benefits that private-party sales do not, such as return and exchange policies, limited warranties, etc.
  • Factor in likely repair work. If your car is worth $10,000 but needs a new clutch, then don’t expect to receive full value. Reduce the price in accordance with necessary repairs.
  • You may want to consider adding “or best offer” language to your asking price. Including OBO could result in more leads, but it may also result in lower initial offers.
  • Be realistic: Is your used car still a popular and viable model, or are you driving a relic of an earlier age? Be honest with yourself and price it accordingly.