Product Spotlight: Convenient Bed Storage You Can Abuse


We've seen plenty of under-bed storage units in our day — some that allow for a small amount of bed use, while others basically turn your pickup truck into a station wagon. But as soon as we saw this new product we thought it might be something a lot of pickup truck owners would use.

Called Decked, the system is made of high-density recycled plastic with steel inserts for added strength. It bolts together in about two hours and provides two strong roller drawers that can hold 200 pounds each; they can run the full length of any full-size half-ton bed built after 1999. The company, also called Decked, even offers some applications for heavy-duty pickups. The setup attaches to the factory tiedowns in the bed and comes with four smaller built-in storage pockets in each corner of the bed.

The system comes in 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot lengths and can carry about 2,000 pounds, which means no matter which half-ton you own, you won't lose any payload capacity. The deck stands about 10 inches above the floor of the bed and will fit over a spray-in bed liner if your truck is so equipped; it will not fit over a drop-in bed liner.

The Decked system weighs about 200 pounds and offers several mounting rack options depending on how you plan to use it. Pricing starts at just less than $1,000, but you can add options like drain plugs, locks, dividers and various types of tiedown racks that could add a few hundred dollars more. Depending on how you use your pickup, Decked could meet all your tool storage and play gear needs. And feel free to offer your own suggestions or concerns about this new product. They'll be listening.

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