Product Spotlight: Quick Hitch Accessory Makes Bed Loads a Snap


Every so often a new product comes across our desk that we wish we had thought of first. For those who have ATVs, motorcycles or other motorized equipment designed for outdoor adventures, loading and unloading it into and out of your pickup bed just became a lot easier.

Called the Mad Ramp, the simple pivoting, slide-in design uses your existing trailer hitch and comes with its own pair of integrated aluminum ramps. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short or long bed, the Mad Ramp acts as a basic incline to get your toys into the truck bed, or you can use the setup to act as a bed extender and carry a substantial amount of weight.

The new product seems ideal for just about every pickup owner and costs $995. We’re told discount prices crop up occasionally.

For more information about the Mad Ramp, click here.

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