Questions About the Toyota Tacoma? Check This Out


If aliens landed on Earth tomorrow and saw all the types of vehicles humans drive, no doubt one of their first questions would be about the smallish Toyota Hilux pickup seen in almost every country except the U.S. And their second question, no doubt, would be about the mid-size Tacoma seen only in the U.S.

To help us — and any interested space aliens — better understand the differences with the six generations of the Toyota Tacoma, our friends at Project LM, makers of military-grade lighting products, sent us their latest spotter's guide. It's specifically designed to help us see the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the six generations of the Tacoma. We thought you might like to see it as well. See below. 

Feel free to offer your own addendums to the guide in the comment section below.

Project LM infographic; photo by Angela Conners




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