Ram Cuts Powertrain Warranty for 2016


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will reduce the powertrain warranty on most model-year 2016 gasoline-engine vehicles from the current five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles, according to an Automotive News report. A Ram spokesman confirmed the report. Not included in the change are Fiat, Alfa Romeo and diesel-powered vehicles; warranties on those vehicles remain the same. Powertrain warranties typically cover the engine, transmission and driveline parts.

In March GM did essentially the same thing, dropping powertrain coverage on Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles; Buick and Cadillac's six-years/70,000-miles period was not reduced. Ford already has a five-years/60,000-miles powertrain warranty while Lincoln offers six years/70,000 miles. It all comes across as the payload and towing wars in reverse, as warranty durations drop and other manufacturers follow suit.

The change does not affect the basic three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper vehicle warranty, which covers non-drivetrain components, or warranties for emissions systems.

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