Ram Design Chief Creates 'Star Wars' Rebel


What happens when a "Star Wars" fan is a Ram interior design chief? He orders an all-white Ram Rebel, complete with a set of stickers that keep track of how many intergalactic kills he's racked up.

Clearly, Ryan Nagode is going for a "Star Wars" theme with his new 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel in gloss-white paint and Mopar flat-black sidesteps. And to Ram the point home (pun intended), there are several "bad guy" silhouettes on the tailgate to let those interested know exactly how many Imperial fighters have fallen because of this Rebel fleet leader.

"It was great fun to work on the Ram Rebel project," Nagode said, "but this is the truck I had in my mind when working on it." So when it came time to order his own personal truck, he knew exactly what he wanted. He and his son already have their Halloween costumes picked out: He will be Chewbacca, and his son will be a miniature Storm Trooper.

To date, Ram does not offer a Ram Rebel Fleet trim package but if this particular look gets traction, you might be seeing white leather inserts and white anodized trim pieces on the interior with a possible Han Solo profile on the dash. photos by Tim Esterdahl




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