Ram Power Wagon Flounders in Sand


There are some who thought it couldn't be done, but apparently you can get stuck in a Ram Power Wagon. According to, a film crew shooting a commercial with a new Ram 2500 Power Wagon got stuck in the loose sand at the water's edge near Humboldt, Calif.

Yes, we know that all Power Wagons come equipped with a winch, locking front and rear differentials, BFG all-terrain tires and more ground clearance than any other pickup truck sold in the U.S., but that all means nothing if you have the wrong driver behind the wheel. From these photos, it looks like the tires are at maximum pressure, and the first thing the driver did was crush the front bumper and make the front winch completely useless.

We know all too well that sand is not the best surface for the Power Wagon from our in which it seemed to be the PW's Achilles' heel. Still, you have to question the driver who thought it was a good idea to climb on top of the coastal rocks near some tide pools nose first. And given the photos, this is the smallest budget commercial shoot ever done; more likely it was some kind of photo shoot. 

No word yet whether this new decal look is connected with a local or national Ram campaign.



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