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A few months back, launched reader reviews, where anyone under the sun can write a critique of their own car, truck or SUV. We realized that many people would rate their beloved daily drivers with five stars across the board, but there are a lot of astute readers out there leaving insightful commentary that other shoppers can learn from. As an editorial staff, we don’t live with the cars we review for more than a week, so hearing from real buyers allows everyone to learn about real-world mileage, reliability and overall satisfaction. 

Today we’re debuting a “Reader Review of the Week” award here on KickingTires. Unfortunately, there’s no trophy or prize money, just the satisfaction of knowing your review will help other shoppers during their research.

This week’s winner is JM94 from Germantown, Md., who reviewed a 2006 Subaru Outback.


“I’ve owned many vehicles — Explorers, Grand Cherokees, Saabs and Hondas. I never thought that I could like this kind of car; I was wrong. I have the 2.5I auto w/navigation. The ride is much smoother than I expected. I haven’t had the chance to drive it in the snow yet, but I have in heavy rain, and Subaru’s AWD system did not disappoint. After 1,000 miles, I’m averaging 26 mpg in mixed driving. You won’t win any drag races in it, but power is adequate for everyday city and highway use. It has a unique feel, part SUV, part tank, part luxury car. The navigation system is cool, the male voice has a slight Australian accent. Before you drive a 4Runner, check this out.”

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