Reader Review of the Week: 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid


Not many people have purchased the Honda Accord Hybrid. In fact, the company recently said it has no plans to produce a hybrid version of the new 2008 model when it debuts this fall. For all those folks out there looking to buy a 2007 Accord, Ron from Pasadena, Calif., offers his take on the hybrid version he bought in February. As always, you can review your own car too, right here.


“In February 2007, I traded in my Audi A4 for a Honda Accord Hybrid. I was really impressed by the test drive, as the car seemed real smooth (more like a Buick than a Honda) along with 253 horses, which did a lot for this real light Honda. I drove SUVs for many years and switched to an Audi to save some money on gas and get some performance. Soon I got tired of my Audi and wanted to experience some comfort and some real good gas mileage. That’s why I turned to a 253-hp hybrid.

However, initially, I got real low mileage and was really disappointed. I went on a few discussion forums and found out that the driving patterns really do make a difference in the mileage. I started driving slightly above the speed limit (70 to 75 on freeway) and got approximately 30 mpg for a while.

Overall, this car is real quick off the bat, as it has a strong engine and a real light body. Of course, it does not seem as stable as the Audi and the handling is not that great, but it is a comfortable car designed, made and put together in Japan, unlike the rest of the Hondas. I would recommend this car to friends if they can afford the price tag and don’t care much for looks. If your focus is on looks rather than reliability and functionality, you can go with something like a Chrysler 300C.”

Ron, Pasadena, Calif.

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