Reader Review of the Week: 2008 BMW 535i

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OK, we admit it… we’re jealous of 535 Fan from Indianapolis, Ind. He’s driving a new BMW 535i. We recently tested both the 2008 528i and 550i but not the new member of the 5 Series family with the twin-turbo six-cylinder engine. Not surprisingly, 535 Fan likes his new car very much. However, we’re not sure about his dubious claims regarding a trip through Chicago completely absent of traffic issues. Post your own consumer review here

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“I took delivery of my 535i 3 weeks ago and have already done nearly 2,000 miles. I just want to keep driving it. Option-wise I have the premium package, navigation, sport package and sport gearbox that adds the paddle shifters. Wow, what a difference from the stock 535’s I tested.

The car is amazingly powerful for a 3.0-liter engine. The car handles brilliantly, and it’s incredibly stable at high speeds and around corners. It is also great in all conditions. We had our first significant snow last week and with snow tires the car had no trouble.

iDrive took about an hour to learn, but I am now quite happy working my way through the menus and have come to look at iDrive as a really powerful tool. Finally, the navigation with traffic — what a sanity saver. I had to drive through the center of Chicago yesterday and did not hit a single traffic jam.”

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