Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Nissan Cube

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“I can understand why many people dislike the look and shape of it, but give it a test drive and look beyond its shape. If you’re looking for speed demon, then this car isn’t for you but for the people that need something to get around, it’s a winner. I’m even sure it would be great for long distance driving because of its comfort. It has a lot of great features even on the base model.

“I didn’t rate it high on reliability because I don’t know yet, and it’s a new car in the U.S. market. I’m hoping that it will rate on the high side on reliability since it’s been a hit in Japan for over a decade, and it’s 100% made in Japan. I’m really hoping if it’s here to stay that the U.S. market doesn’t have a hand in making any of its parts in the near future.”

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