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Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Nissan Versa

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“Kitty” from Florida recently purchased a 2011 Nissan Versa. Overall, Kitty is impressed with the Versa’s exterior looks and handling but is disappointed with the fuel economy and the interior build quality. To find out why, continue reading below. Once you’re done, write a review of your own vehicle here.

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“I do like the look and feel of the Versa. I purchased a Nissan Versa 1.8 SL HB with a continuously variable automatic transmission after reading reviews and test-driving several comparable vehicles. Although I enjoy driving the car, I have been disappointed with the gas mpg. I got much better gas mileage with the Corolla. I currently am getting an average of 24-25 mpg instead of the 28-34 mpg the EPA website lists. This was one of the comparison factors I used in order to purchase the Versa. I paid extra to get the SL with CVT because of the estimated mpg savings by the EPA.

“My other concern is I am already having an issue with the Versa interior. The headliner in the car is coming loose and fraying across the front by the windshield. This is a new car, and new cars should not have this type of problem. If this is happening after such a short time, it makes me question the overall quality and dependability of the vehicle.

“Driving the Versa is fun, but I would hesitate to recommend this car to a friend based on the less-than-stellar mpg and the issue with the car’s headliner.”

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