Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Volvo C30

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“Brodie” from southern Maine has been looking for that perfect Volvo for about four years now. Recently, he settled on a 2011 Volvo C30 with a six-speed manual transmission and leather upholstery. Brodie, who appears to be a Volvo fan, makes no pretense that this car is as sexy as the iconic Volvo P1800 sports car. Still, he has received his fair share of double takes from passers-by. Overall, this reader is delighted by his new Volvo thus far and has only a few gripes. Continue reading below and then write your own review here.

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“The lines of the car are very well executed, and it draws looks whenever I am driving it or when someone passes it when it is parked. Although it is not a P1800, it sure seems like one when seated in it. The interior feels much larger than it is. There are plenty of seat pockets, console trays and dash compartments that provide plenty of space to store travel necessities. Entrances in and exits out of the C30 are easy and aided by large doors that swing wide. The solid nature of the car is felt when you open and close these doors. When they close, they sound the way a solid car door should sound.

“The two rear seats accommodate two adults comfortably with the front seats pushed back. The power buttons located on top of the seat backs make it easy to move the two front seats forward and backward for entering and exiting the rear seats. The car’s ride is very stable and quiet when driven on the highway. It is easy to talk to everyone in the car without having to raise your voice. The C30 handles cross winds and turbulence caused by large trucks like a much larger car. There also is no need to downshift from 6th gear when wanting to pass on a straight road or a hill. This car still has a lot of punch in 6th gear when you want to go faster than 70 mph.

“The audio, ventilation and information systems are easy to read and operate, and the performance of all is excellent. The heated seats and heating system work quickly.

“In previous reviews I read complaints about the rear window opening. I have found no problems nor do I have any complaints about it. I did not expect it to function as a hatchback does. It is a nice design feature, and it works well for what I want to carry in the car.

“I have only two complaints about the car, which is very few for someone as picky as I am about new cars. I wish the dual exhaust was not so tame sounding, and I wish the car handled curves better. It feels light when moving quickly through tight turns. However, once through a turn, it stabilizes quickly when accelerated.

“Overall, I recommend this car for those looking for a fun, sporty car that provides outstanding safety and good value for the money.”

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