Recall Alert Update: 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma


Already part of a massive recall effort to prevent the accelerator pedal from becoming accidentally trapped under the floormat, Toyota now says it will also upgrade the brake and throttle software in 2005-10 Tacoma pickup trucks, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The software patch will add the capability to reduce the engine speed to idle if the engine control computer senses both the gas and brake pedals being pressed at the same time.

Eventually, all Toyota cars and trucks will have new brake vs. accelerator software. But what about enthusiasts who might want to take their car or truck to the drag strip and use their foot brake to "brake torque" the vehicle while they simultaneously hit the throttle?

Paul Williamsen, national manager at Lexus College, Toyota's dealer training school, told that as long as the brake is pushed down before the accelerator, enthusiasts can continue to launch their vehicles with both pedals at the same time.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]


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