Ridgeline Is Only Honda Without High-Tech Rearview Camera


Across their lineups, Honda and Acura have some of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the industry. Except when it comes to advanced backup camera systems.

Since 2011, the feds have been pushing automakers to include more crash-avoidance technologies in every vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awards vehicles its Advanced Technology Feature label if all its criteria are met. Some of those technologies include lane departure warning systems, collision warnings and, most importantly, rearview monitoring and expanded visibility. Unfortunately, the current Honda Ridgeline, with one of the oldest, untouched interior designs in the pickup truck segment, still uses relatively old technology and a small center-console screen. In fact, the current Ridgeline model, with or without navigation, is the only model in the Honda lineup that does not meet the requirements for the government's ATF list.

Of course, the Honda Ridgeline is scheduled to go on a "sabbatical" for at least a year or two, likely returning to the evolving midsize and full-size pickup market with an . The only official statement from Honda about timing is that the Ridgeline's return will be "less than two years" away. We assume that this new model will have a more modern backup camera (possibly with 360-degree view setting) and a larger display screen that would finally qualify the small pickup for ATF status.

Images by Joe Bruzek,




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