Road Test Review: 2009 GMC Canyon SLE V-8 4x2


Following our comprehensive review of the 300 horsepower, 320 pounds-feet of torque 5.3-liter V-8 powered 2009 Chevy Colorado is our take on its eight-cylinder mid-size twin, the 2009 GMC Canyon V-8.

Mike Hanley says:
"There's no question the lowered V-8 Canyon is a peculiar edition of this truck, with its low stance and snorting engine, but it will get the thumbs-up from the street-truck crowd because it drives like a muscle car — fun and fast — and can do a little work when needed."

This also marks the first time we're posting road tests and first drives in our new review page layout, so you'll have better access to detailed information about the trucks we report on

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