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Save the Date: July 20 Is Ugly Truck Day

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Although no one seems to be able to tell us how this holiday began, we like the idea. Why shouldn't ugly pickup trucks get just as much attention as the shiny, new trucks get? Sure, "ugly" is a subjective term, but for our purposes let's just say anything that's more than 20 years old is likely to qualify (although we've seen a few newer models, especially in the SUV segment, that clearly qualify).

We'd like to see your favorite ugly trucks. Walk your neighborhood. Stop along the roadside. Or just dig through your own yard, but take pictures of your favorite ugly trucks to share. We should note that we happen to love ugly trucks and don'ttruly think they're ugly at all. In fact, from what we've seen at several big car shows, the "patina" categories are growing faster than just about any other.

Regardless, visit's Facebook page and post your favorites and if want to give us a few details, we'd apprciate it. You don't even have to wait until July 20. Happy Ugly Truck Day. 


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