Scion xA and xB to be Replaced in Spring 2007

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The two models that started it all for Toyota’s hip Scion brand in 2004 will be no more come springtime. Keeping to its word when it launched, Scion doesn’t want to redesign existing models, as traditional automakers do. Instead, expect two new models that could look drastically different from either the xA or xB. We’d guess a production version of last year’s t2B concept is a lock, while we can’t guess on what the xA replacement will be. It’s a safe bet that one or both of the new vehicles will debut at the Los Angeles auto show in late November. Both new cars will be 2008 models.

This leaves shoppers about six months to pick up a new xA or xB. The boxy xB has been selling almost twice as well as the xA and has a rabid following that crosses age ranges because of its wild styling and affordable price.

Click below for a look at the t2B concept.

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