SEMA 2010: The Custom Shop's Ford F-150 FX2 EcoBoost V-6


Fast cars and trucks have always been popular at SEMA, but there's never been a hot rod pickup quite like this. The Custom Shop got its hands on one of the first of Ford's all-new EcoBoost twin-turbo direct-injection F-150s and turned it into a fuel-efficient go-fast hauler.

The FX2 F-150 features shaved door handles, a lightweight ARE tonneau cover, lightweight COR rims wearing Continental low-rolling-resistance tires, a Corsa free-flow cat-back exhaust system, a larger cold air intake system and Amsoil synthetic motor oil for the EcoBoost engine, which makes 365 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

Solar panels are mounted in the tonneau cover to help charge the F-150’s accessories, and carbon fiber and aluminum panels under the body help improve airflow beneath the truck. Ride height has been lowered using a Firestone air ride load-leveling system to further reduce aerodynamic drag.

Topping it off is a custom Pearl Black, white, silver and copper paint job with a dual pinstripe border applied to the F-150’s skin using DuPont’s low-volatile organic compound base and clear-coat paint for reduced emissions. Also note the offset front license plate so that airflow to the turbo intercooler isn't blocked.

Inside, the paint job has been matched with a similarly colored leather interior by Katzkin seat covers, a custom Sony sound system and LCD screens throughout the cabin.


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