Sexy Toyota Sienna Ad a Must-See

There are a lot of ways to advertise incentives, but Toyota ups the ante with its new spot for the 2008 Sienna minivan here. The black-and-white ad satirizes a Calvin Klein Obsession commercial, but with the family-hauler as the object of desire. The actors seductively whisper “Five-star safety rating,” and the finishing line — “Somewhere between luxury and soccer practice lies Sienna” — is plain hilarious. The ad then shows the current local incentives for wherever it’s airing, which here in Chicago is $1,500 cash back. 

This ad follows two great commercials for the new Toyota Sequoia SUV and mildly funny spots for the new Corolla. The Sienna spot tops them all, though, and really stands out. It’s ironic that a company stereotyped as producing boring cars can come up with such innovative spots. Let us know what you think of the ad in the comments below.

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