Sirius XM 'Best Of' Packages Announced


Starting Oct. 6, users of both XM and Sirius satellite radio will be able to order “Best Of” packages for both companies’ stations. Don’t get too excited here; you only get seven additional channels on each, and the cost is $4 more per month, raising the monthly fee to $16.99 from $12.99.

Now, we will admit that getting all the sports on both is nice, and getting Howard Stern on XM will make a lot of people happy. Still, for such limited content, a smaller charge increase — or no increase at all — might have been the way to go.

More information on the new a la carte packages will be released Oct. 6 as well. To see the full listings of the Best Of packages, read below.

SIRIUS on XM                          

  • Howard 100                           
  • Howard 101                           
  • Martha Stewart Living Radio          
  • Sirius NFL Radio                     
  • Sirius NASCAR Radio                  
  • Playboy Radio                      


  • Oprah & Friends
  • NBA
  • NHL Home Ice
  • The Virus
  • Public Radio with Bob Edwards
  • College Sports
  • PGA Tour

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