Spied: 2019 GM Half-Tons With Steel Beds

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Our spy shooters are getting bolder as they see more Chevrolet and GMC heavily disguised preproduction half-ton pickup truck prototypes cruising around Michigan. Here's what they just sent us:

"This is our latest look at GM's next-generation 1500 pickups. This time, though, we caught them on video, and can confirm they have a steel bed and stop-start technology.

"Until now, the new GM trucks were rumored to follow Ford's lead into aluminum-bodied pickups; this video confirms that a magnet will stick to the bed — you can clearly hear the magnet attach to the metal and we can confirm that there was magnetization — of the new Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500, suggesting a traditional steel bed.

"Reports still suggest an aluminum-intensive full-size pickup for GM, but the company now may be using lightweight materials in other places on the truck to reduce mass and improve fuel economy.

"The prototype pictured here also used a stop-start system, which also can be heard in the video, possibly a development of the  that debuted in 2016 on a limited number of GMC Sierra 1500s. Other possibilities for the new trucks may be air suspension on some models and a smaller-displacement turbo engine. The new GM trucks should go on sale late in 2018."

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