Spied! Jeep J8 Pickup In Michigan


Picture Courtesy of Jalopnik

It looks like the folks at American Expedition Vehicles are up to something. Perhaps a safari?

Our friends at Jalopnik received photos of two specially equipped Jeeps outside AEV's offices in Michigan. The first Jeep spotted was an olive green Wrangler JK Unlimited SUV and the second a desert tan J8 pickup.

Neither Jeep is currently available for civilian buyers in the configurations spotted. Both appear to have snorkels feeding VM Moturi 2.8-liter four-cylinderdiesel engines, the same motor formerly offered in the Jeep Liberty compact SUV in 2005 and 2006, but canceled due to stronger federal emissions standards.

The Jeep J8 pickup is a military-spec support vehicle built to serve a variety of missions in the field, from troop carrying to ambulance services. But it's not for American soldiers or the general public: The J8 is manufactured in Cairo, strictly for the Egyptian army.

For lots more pics, head over to Jalopnik. We're going to go dream about the Jeep J8 Sarge concept.

[Source: Jalopnik]


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