Spray-On Products Can Protect Entire Truck


Bed protection is an important issue that every pickup truck owner needs to consider. Nowadays, it seems like every truckmaker offers a spray-in bedliner option, but there are dealers that offer the less expensive drop-in bedliner option. In our opinion, a good-quality spray-in bedliner provides the best way to protect your truck bed from damaging scratches that could lead to rusting or metal fatigue while also providing nonslip grip for your load.

Line-X is one of several companies that make sprays that protect all types of trucks and trailers that see harsh duty. Line-X offers a full line of products — from economical to pricey — for people who want to protect their two-wheel and four-wheel investments, providing spray-on protection for toy haulers, boats, motorcycles and vehicle accessories such as roof racks, aftermarket bumpers, light bars and grille guards.

We recently had the chance to get up close with Line-X's recent Ford F-150 Raptor project for which the company showcased its spray-on technology for the outer skin of a truck instead of just the bed. The Ford Raptor pictured here is fully covered with Line-X's Ultra line of textured spray that can be pigmented to any color you want. This Raptor sports some custom extra-wide front and rear fenders, giving the beast more drama with a wide-mouth stance. The custom-made front and rear prototype bumpers add to its menace. We thought the little project looked pretty cool, so we took it out for a quick photo shoot and offer this photo gallery. photos by Mark Williams




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