Springtime Alert: New BMW 3 Series Convertible on Sale

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The car companies can be weird sometimes. Whenever they debut a new model, there’s a ton of fanfare, extravagant introductions and dozens of photographs showing off the most minute of features. They then pretty much forget all about it, turning their attention to the next new model. Rarely will we hear when the car will actually go on sale.

Today we just happened to be putting together our next New Car Tracker update when we came across the starting prices for the all-new 2007 BMW 3 Series convertible, the company’s first hardtop convertible, which we told you about last year. Oh, and you can go to your local dealer and pick one up right now.

Strange, isn’t it? Anyway, if you’re interested in prices they start at $43,200 for the 328i and $49,100 for the 335i, not including a destination and handling fee of $775. BMW also has a lot of new press photos of the 3 Series droptop we’ve posted below for those who need a refresher.

New BMW 3 Series Convertibles Unveiled

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