Spyker Unveils Plan for Saab


On Monday, Saab’s new owner, Spyker, announced a finalized business plan for the automaker going forward, including when we might expect to finally see the new 9-5 sedan.

Saab enthusiasts should be excited to hear that Spyker is going to “rebuild a global car brand which will be repositioned towards an independent performance-oriented niche car company with an industry-leading environmental strategy.” It’s actually a clear-cut statement we don’t often hear from automakers.
The press release says the new 9-5 will be launched early this summer. That doesn’t necessarily mean it wil be on sale in early summer, but we should expect to see it at dealers sometime in 2010.
The 9-4X crossover will launch in early 2011, with an all-new 9-3 lineup ready for 2012.
The release also says that the 9-5 will come in sedan, sports estate — aka wagon — and X models. Spyker is also researching whether it will make sense to develop a smaller 9-1 to compete with Mini and Audi’s upcoming A1. 

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