Strange Sights at the L.A. Auto Show


There were a few oddities we couldn’t help but notice during the first press day at the L.A. Auto Show. For starters, Chevrolet hoisted a new Corvette high above its booth to tie in to the company’s recent advertising campaign touting a new warranty.


Yet that was pretty normal compared to the giant inflatable bug jar holding a Jeep Wrangler outfitted to look like a bug, also a tie-in to Jeep’s recent ad campaign.

Not tied to any ad campaign – at least not anymore – was Kermit the Frog making an appearance with the Ford Escape Hybrid during the company’s press conference.

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Speaking of press conferences, Jennifer Love Hewitt of “Party of Five” “Ghost Whisperer” fame came out to talk about the new Chrysler Sebring convertible. We’re not sure why, but this is the first Hollywood sighting we’ve had since we’ve been in L.A., so we’ll let it slide.

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In an odd move, Audi tried to make us believe you can fit a full-sized golf bag into the R8 supercar. Here it is, complete with fairway wood — but note there’s just one club in there. We don’t think a full set would fit. Of course, if you can afford one of these $110,000 babies you should have another car with a nice trunk for golf outings.

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We can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. 

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