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Suburban Dad: 2009 Hyundai Genesis

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Hyundai’s new sedan, the Genesis, is a beauty. I’ve long been a fan of the automaker’s cars because their value and design are good, even if it took some time to build up their reputation for quality. Hyundai has that rep now, and the interior and exterior of the Genesis radiate luxury, albeit with a price tag I might actually be able to afford. For families, it’d be a great getting-around-town car for a family of four, who could all ride in comfort and style. Plus, with Hyundai’s reputation for value, the Genesis could turn out to be an affordable luxury family car.

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I’ll get my knock out of the way early: Stepping into the second row is a challenge because the seat support back there comes really far forward. That’s great for thigh support, but it forced me to twist and turn my size 11-1/2 shoes several times to get in. One more quibble: At 6-foot-1, headroom in the backseat was a little snug.

Now, the highlights: The Genesis’s dash was exquisite, especially the stitched leather that runs the length of it. It had plenty of high-tech features without drowning me in buttons, plus a joystick controller that looks good, though I couldn’t test it out. It may be a breeze or it may be an iDrive-like nightmare.

Of the two grilles, the one without the logo was far and away the better choice, and not because you can’t see it’s a Hyundai. It’s got nothing to be ashamed about in its lineup, and the Genesis will brighten its halo, but the clean lines on the logo-less grille are classic.

If you’re going to pack up the kids to head out on the road, the Genesis offers plenty of entertainment options, including a USB plug for your iPod, plus a little hole in the center console so you can run the USB cord up and into a little cubby that sits atop the console. The Genesis also has an enormous trunk with plenty of room for luggage or grocery bags.

While some may prefer an SUV for long trips, parents of smaller kids may find more comfort in the Genesis, although they should keep an eye on the mileage; Hyundai’s not as well known for getting the best mileage in the market.

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