Suburban Dad Vacation: Subaru, Vermont

If they want to reflect reality, Subaru execs should really rename the Outback the Vermonter. I swear, virtually every fifth car I passed from Burlington to Brattleboro to Bennington was a Subaru of some sort, and the vast majority were Outbacks.

It’s not hard to understand: Vermonters are outdoorsy people, and they need the space that Outbacks offer to carry their stuff. In the summer, they’re carrying their bikes (I saw almost as many of those as I saw Outbacks). In the winter, they’re carrying skis and snowboards. Despite the harsh winter, Vermonters are dedicated to getting out.

Of course, there are other cars on the road in Vermont: Next on the popularity list were the Honda CR-V and VW Jetta. There were more hatchbacks per capita than almost anywhere I’ve been. It wasn’t hard to get the picture that accompanies this post; I just waited until I found a parking lot with Outbacks. This lot had four.

According to our staff Vermonter, Ian Merritt: “Vermonters don’t drive Subarus for their high quality and low-maintenance record, savvy interior design or for their charmingly good looks; they drive Subarus for one reason: snow. With an annual average snowfall from 65 to 75 inches (and as much as 300 inches at higher elevations), Vermont drivers need a car that can handle getting to school and work, keeping enough chutzpah to get the entire family to the mountains with a roof rack full of skis. Subarus eat snow, which is why Vermonters own Subarus.”