Survey Says Mileage Most Important To Car Shoppers

Consumer Reports just released a new survey that says 27% of car shoppers rank mileage as their No. 1 priority when considering a new car. Reliability is a close second place with 25%. This study explains why every car commercial you see these days screams mileage more than pricing, no matter how it stacks up against the competition.

The other surprising tidbit is that only 5% of those surveyed considered incentives to be most important when car shopping. Many say they would time their purchase with a new round of incentives. None of the news in the survey should be that surprising to anyone that reads this blog.

Our list of the most fuel efficient cars is still here. And, if you’re wondering, gas prices are retreating. Today’s national average according to AAA is $2.92, down from the summer’s high of $3.04 on August 8.   

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