Survey Shows Which Cars Drive Men, Women Wild


Here’s the long and short of it: When it comes to vehicles driven by potential suitors, ladies are most attracted to the rugged masculinity of a man in a big black pickup truck, while gentlemen prefer BMWs where their romantic prospects are concerned. Hey, don’t blame us for perpetuating gender-based stereotypes — there’s statistical science behind these generalizations. A survey by polled 2,000 men and women age 18 or older on the type, brand and color of their crushes’ cars.

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The top vehicles women like their men to drive, followed by the percentage saying so, are:

1. Pickup trucks, 32 percent
2. Sports cars, 27 percent
3. SUVs, 16 percent
4. Sedans, 11 percent
5. Hybrid or electric, 9 percent
6. UPS truck, 4 percent
7. Minivans, 2 percent
8. Mail truck, 1 percent

Men, on the other hand, are sweet on gals behind the wheel of a:

1. Sports car, 39 percent
2. Sedan, 22 percent
3. SUV, 20 percent
4. Pickup truck, 10 percent
5. Hybrid or electric, 6 percent
6. Minivan, 4 percent

You can draw your own conclusions about why UPS trucks and minivans made women’s and men’s respective lists. We ain’t touchin’ it. But in other desirable vehicle traits, women reported tending toward men in Fords (16 percent), Chevrolets (13 percent) and Porsches (11 percent), while the fellas like ladies in luxury brands including BMW (16 percent), Mercedes-Benz (14 percent) and Porsche (10 percent). Both sexes unsurprisingly prefer paramours’ rides in three of the continent’s most popular car colors — black, red and silver — but women’s top choice is black (53 percent) while men’s is red (40 percent).

Other car-related turn-ons demand that a love interest’s car is:

1. Clean (women, 45 percent; men, 43 percent)
2. Reliable (women, 37 percent; men, 29 percent)
3. Interesting (women, 7 percent; men, 12 percent)
4. New or newish (women, 6 percent; men, 9 percent)
5. Expensive (women, 4 percent; men, 6 percent)

Likewise, turnoffs include:

1. Cigarette butts in the ashtray (women, 23 percent; men, 23 percent)
2. Trash on the seats (women, 22 percent; men, 23 percent)
3. Playing bad loud music (women, 21 percent; men, 16 percent)
4. Bumper stickers for political candidates (women, 9 percent; men, 13 percent)
5. Body dents (women, 6 percent; men, 11 percent)
6. Loud exhaust (women, 14 percent; men, 9 percent)
7. Pine-tree air freshener (women, 5 percent; men, 5 percent)

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