Survey: Women Dig Guys in Black Ford Pickups


So you went down to your neighborhood Ford and forked over some cash for an F-150, a black one, thinking that not only was it a reliable, top-rated truck (one won the , you'll recall), but also that it looked pretty cool and maybe it'd help you find a girlfriend. Everyone knows chicks dig trucks, right?

Well, it turns out a new survey by suggests that this isn't just a stereotype, it may actually be true. A survey of 2,000 men and women asked what type of vehicle, what brand and what color did they think are driven by the most attractive members of the opposite sex. Thirty-two percent of women said that the most attractive men drive pickup trucks, followed by sports cars, SUVs, sedans and hybrids. Of the brands, women said that hottest guys drive Fords, followed by Chevrolet and Porsche. Those guys drove a black vehicle more than 53 percent of the time, by far the most popular color surveyed, followed by silver at 16 percent and red at 13 percent. Put that all together, and more women think that the most appealing guys drive black Ford pickups.

Men had slightly different opinions of what they think the hottest women drive. Leading the ranks of vehicles were sports cars, followed by sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. The brands ranked with BMW coming in first, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and colors went red at 40 percent, followed by black and silver. This means that if you're a woman and you're looking to attract a guy, you should statistically be driving a red BMW Z4. It also means that guys choose women who drive a car they wouldn't mind driving themselves.

Apparently Chevrolet's not happy with second place — check out its new Super Bowl ad, which builds upon this the theme of pickup trucks and eligible bachelors.




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