The Almost Full Monty: BMW M3 Concept Debuts

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Ever since the new-generation BMW 3 Series debuted in 2005, we’ve been waiting for the top-of-the-line, high-performance M3 version. Today in Switzerland, BMW made us wait a little longer, but gave us a good hint at the next M3 with the M3 Concept. BMW isn’t one of those companies that offers many concepts, and usually they’re just thinly disguised versions of the final product.

That means you can expect the real deal to look a lot like the photos here. We’d guess that the hump on the hood might go, but the side inlets, body panels and 19-inch wheels should stay put. The roof is made of carbon fiber, like the M6, and the hood is aluminum. Both materials help save weight. Oh, the power? It’s a V-8, based on the V-10 in the M5, and should produce more than 400 hp, and yes, it’s rear-wheel drive. There’s a rumor that an M3 convertible and sedan will also become available. A full photo gallery of the coupe concept is below.

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