The Boss is Back: Boss 302 Mustang debuts at SEMA


It’s just an engine, but a famously named engine. The Boss 302 is not the name of a new Mustang model – although it probably will be – it’s the name of Ford’s new V-8 crate engine for hot-rodders. The 5.0-liter powerplant was originally developed under the name “Hurricane” and was set to take on Chrysler’s resurrected Hemi line of engines . The name and entire project were scrapped — the name because of the devastation of Katrina last year and the project itself because of cost cuts. Now, Ford has revived the concept and fans should expect the Boss 302 to find its way into the next generation of F-150 trucks and the redesigned Mustang when it debuts in 2009.

For now, gearheads will have to wait until early next year when just the engine will be made available through Ford Racing dealers. Then they can customize their own Boss 302 Mustang like the concept shown here.

[Source: Ford via Autoblog]

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