The End of the Dodge Viper?


Automobile Magazine is reporting that Chrysler never received a bid to buy its Dodge Viper operations. Housed in a relatively independent manufacturing facility in Detroit, the limited-number super car and its plant had a price tag of just $10 million. According to bankruptcy filings, no serious offers were ever received.

What does this mean? Well, we don’t expect a joint Chrysler-Fiat to ever produce or sell a Dodge Viper, which leaves at least one editor here kind of sad.

“If the Viper is quintessentially American — powerful, a bit unrefined and definitely over the top — would its disappearance reflect a change in America itself? Love it or hate it, the Viper is a phenomenon. If it rockets quickly and noisily into the sunset, it will be missed,” says senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder.

Let us know if you will miss the Viper — over the top or not.

Chrysler Never Received Offer for Viper Operations (Automobile)

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