The Future Jeep Lineup

future-jeep-lineup-2009 Manufacturer image

Today, Chrysler executives revealed their future plans for the Jeep brand. Prior to the company’s bankruptcy, many considered Jeep the only brand valuable enough to sell off. Now, the company will slowly revamp the lineup, much like they’re doing with the Dodge brand.

Here’s a look at their new commercial.

There weren’t nearly as many specific details given about the new Jeep models or what the major refreshes would include. The most notable new product mentioned is an all-new Jeep SUV based on a very small Fiat model. The company says the entire Jeep brand will be converted to a new architecture by 2013 and ride on front-, all- and four-wheel drive.


Jeep Commander

  • Final year of production

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Compass

  • Major refresh

Jeep Patriot

  • Major refresh

Jeep Liberty

  • Mild refresh

Jeep Wrangler

  • Mild refresh


Jeep Wrangler

  • New design, body-on-frame architecture and four-wheel drive


All-new compact Jeep SUV

  • This will be a small — think Mini Cooper — SUV based on a Fiat platform.

Jeep Liberty

  • Fiat-based replacement

Jeep Patriot/Compass replacement

  • A single model based on a Fiat design.

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