The Medium-Duty Ram 5500 Pickup Truck We Wish Was on Active Duty


Chrysler's Ram division doesn't make a medium-duty pickup truck but if it did it would probably look just like this custom Ram 5500 chassis cab that was on display at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

The Ram 5500 pickup features a modified dual-rear-wheel cargo box bolted to its frame because all chassis cab trucks, regardless of make, have frame rails that are spaced exactly 34-inches apart. That’s a narrower gap than you'll find on a typical pickup. The Dodge Ram 1500, for example, has 38-inch spacing.

The cargo box has also been lengthened because the distance from the back of the cab to the rear axle is longer than you'll find on a standard Ram Heavy-Duty pickup.

Under its hood is a chassis-rated 305 horsepower, 610 pounds-feet of torque 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 diesel engine. We didn't have a chance to look inside to see if it had the six-speed G56 manual transmission or six-speed Aisin AS68RC automatic.

Want a 10-lug Ram 5500 pickup for yourself? We do too.


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