The New Diff Cover for the Ram Heavy Duty Pickup is a Work of Art


A precision-machined aluminum differential cover is part of the new Max Tow package for Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks. We want to frame it on our wall.

What suspension travel and articulation is to off-road trucks, heat dissipation is to heavy-duty tow rigs. It doesn't matter how much torque your truck has if its hardware is fried.

The flared fins (we count 38) on this diff cover extract friction-generated heat from the 4.10 ring and pinion housed inside the axle's differential. The design — also called a heat sink — does this by increasing the cover's available surface area via a network of deep channels that are also designed to encourage airflow, further reducing temperatures.

Compared to a standard smooth-faced axle housing shield, it's over the top and wild-looking, but it performs.


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