The Next Dodge Dakota: More Intel From Chrysler CEO


As many will recall, the last Dakota came off the Warren, Mich., assembly line in August. Ford, likewise, stopped production of its Ranger just last month.

Reports have been circulating about Dodge re-entering the small-truck segment with a more modern, Honda Ridgeline-like replacement (a la the , shown several years ago), while Jeep could return to the segment with a more rugged, frame-based truck. 
In addition to his chassis comments, Marchionne said there is a good chance there will be a diesel-engine variant available as well. “Right now we’re struggling with getting the capabilities of the vehicle right,” he said. When asked to elaborate, Marchionne noted that pickup owners have very specific demands for payload and towing, and the unibody approach can make getting the recipe just right somewhat difficult.
Asked when shoppers might see the next Dakota, Marchionne just raised his eyebrows.


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