The Ultimate Guide to US Pickup Truck Sales in 2010


Pickup truck sales rebounded in 2010, with significant volume gains over last year's depressed sales levels.

Here's look at the numbers of trucks sold last year, according to sales data provided by J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Power's "Power Information Network" figures are unique because they break out full-size truck sales into light- and heavy-duty classes. Monthly figures released by Chrysler, Ford and GM aggregate both light- and heavy-duty truck sales (including chassis cabs, when sold) into a single number without revealing class splits.

J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 commercial trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. They do, however, report Ram 4500/5500 chassis sales. GM doesn't sell trucks in these classes. So, to make this fair, we're presenting Ford's full-size truck data with and without chassis cabs, of which 21,134 were sold, according to J.D. Power.

Full-size Pickups

Full-size pickup truck sales rose 20.3 percent last year and were 13 percent of the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of all vehicles in December, a level not seen since 2008, having increased steadily from the low-10% range of early 2010. Full-size pickups made up 11.6 percent of all vehicle sales in 2010.

While nearly every full-size truck brand grew sales, Ford dominated with a 27.7 percent jump and a 38.6 percent share of the market, the largest share its held since 2001.

The only full-size pickup brand that lost year-over-year sales in 2010 was Cadillac, lending support to the conventional wisdom that casual truck buyers are gone from full-size pickups for good. Cadillac EXT sales fell 14 percent.

Small Pickups

Small pickup sales volume rose slightly last year, ending a slide that's lasted more than a decade in the stale segment but market share amongst all vehicle continued to fall, to just 2.3 percent, its lowest ever share. Most of the volume increase was due to strong sales of the Nissan Frontier, which rose 42.3 percent, the highest percentage sales gain of any high-volume pickup in 2010.


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